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Getting an Australian Business Number (ABN) for Your Business

June 20th, 2007 at 10:19 am

DS1 has now gone into business as a sole trader, busking on the weekends and he is planning on growing some potplants (buxus) from clippings in the springtime to sell at the local market. So to make it easy to fill in his tax return we went online to and applied for an Australian Business Number. The entire process in very quick and easy, taking about 10 minutes to complete. There is no fee for applying for a business number and the 11 digit ABN was provided immeditely once we hit the "submit" button. The main benefit of DS1 being self-employed is that under the new Simpler Super rules he can contribute $1000 to his retirement fund each year and will get the $1500 government co-contribution.

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5 Responses to “Getting an Australian Business Number (ABN) for Your Business”

  1. ben heaver Says:

    need an abn number asap due to sub contracting with a mining company

  2. kieran rowles Says:

    A very warm hello to you!I am currently very interested in getting my own crazy,insane,left of centre,avant garde business idea going.With a bit of luck,with this idea I will conquer the world and make my business name a household word like Batman,Barbarella,The Rolling Stones(my all time number one favourute rock outfit),or Kermit the Frog,or for that matter all of the above!To the end of achieving the above,if I may,would you be kind enough to send me some information on how to achieve firstly my own business ABN number,accompanied by all the relevant legislation and legal niceties I have to observe with an ABN number,and secondly the relevant information I will need to patent and protect my business name from being plagiarized,on firstly an Australian level and secondly an international level?Currently my email site is causing me untold pain and problems and I would dearly like to take it out the back somewhere and shoot it!As such if you could see your way clear to send the information I have requested of you to me at Kieran Rowles P.O.Box 823 Toormina N.S.W.2452 Australia,I would be forever indebted to you and most appreciative.Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this inquiry of mine and I very much hope to hear from you soon on the above.Lastly I send you my warmest of regards,Yours Sincerely,Kieran Rowles.

  3. EMMET Says:


  4. Tregan Burrell Says:

    b i u url

  5. tamara mclean Says:

    hey im just takin over an instulation business and i hav some men working for me instulating, and i want to get them all their own ABN number so they can pay their own insurance and their own tax to make it easier for me. do u have advice on how to getting me started or what would be a better option on how to handle the situation.
    thanking you tamara mclean. KDH instulations.

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