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Mother's Day Cheapskate

May 12th, 2007 at 02:31 am

I bought DW a pair of diamond earrings last year for her birthday, on the understanding that, being a large one-off item she wouldn't expect much for future birthday or Christmas presents (we tend to only exchange token gifts between the adults anyhow). So, for this year's Mother's Day I simply gave DW a tin of "deluxe" hot chocolate drops, and a $20 gift card (one of the ones I'd redeemed using my accumulated points earned scanning the snack food items in my shopping for the past year). DS1 made a Mother's Day card at the church kids group on Friday, which I think is enough of a gift from someone that just turned seven. My own mother I just gave a $20 gift card, although a might also buy one of her favourite pot plants tomorrow morning before we drop in for a visit after lunch.


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