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What's the Best Investment Asset Mix for a Baby's Retirement Fund?

April 14th, 2007 at 04:05 am

I'm not sure, but the investment options I picked for the Personal Superannuation account I opened for DS2 on 10 Nov 2006 (DS2 was born last September) were:
Initial Current
ING Global Emerging Markets - Entry Fee 10% 1.4382 1.52460
OptiMix Geared Australian Shares Entry Fee 30% 1.2060 1.38040
OptiMix Global Smaller Companies Shares - Entry Fee 10% 1.6289 1.73940
Vanguard Australian Shares Index - Entry Fee 20% 1.2370 1.38410
Vanguard International Shares Index - Entry Fee 20% 1.2491 1.25220
Vanguard Property Securities Index - Entry Fee 10% 1.2090 1.33700

The entry fee for the ING OneAnswer Personal Superannuation scheme is quite hefty (around 4%), but doesn't matter as I made the investment application via

Text is and Link is who rebate the upfront fee 100%.

Total initial investment was $1000, with quarterly additional investments scheduled to start from next July. The current value of the investment is $1,091.

When DS2 is older I'll help him find a casual job, such as delivering letter box junk mail on the weekends. Although it is quite easy for kids to earn some pocket money doing odd jobs, it's a much harder task finding a "real" casual job for the under-15s. The benefit of having such a job (apart from the life lessons around working, earning money etc.) is that if he earns more than 10% of his income working for an employer he can make an undeducted contribution of up to $1000 each year and get a government co-contribution of up to $1500 per annum.

I already did this for a couple of years with DS1 while he had a job doing a paper round. Boosting retirement savings at such an early age should have a huge impact on their final benefits, as they have 60 years for the magic of compounding to do it's thing.

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