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Review of Debt Consolidation News

March 8th, 2007 at 01:13 am

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One of the nice things about sponsored posts is that they sometimes point you to a worthwhile site that you probably would not have come across otherwise. Debt Consolidation News is one such site. It has a nice, clean appearance, and is easy to navigate around the site (although there are some problems, which I'll cover below). The site has archives going back to June 2006, so it has been going for quite a while, and has a wide range of posts about credit cards, debt, getting out of debt, student loans, saving and various other related topics.

Browsing through the site some of the more interesting posts for me included one on "teaching kids about money" which linked to an article with a few good ideas on how to interest your kids in finances and money, and one on the 100 most famous quotes about finance (although I can think of a few other quotes that I'd have included in place of some of the ones on this list!).

However, one short-coming in the site is the very short list of categories. The side bar only lists seven major categories. While this helps retain the clean appearance of the website, I think it's a triumph of style over substance. Once of the beauties of the internet is that you can have multiple links to a page, so there's no reason not to use many categories to allow readers to easily find all articles relating to a particular topic, such as kids, education, student loans, UK, US, or whatever. The fact that there is no site search tool built-in to the site design makes this even more infuriating. While there's plenty of material here to interest you, you'll probably have to browse through all the archives to find the articles that you may want to read. So this site is more suited to browsing through at your leisure than for a quick visit in search of a particular debt-related topic.

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