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Net Worth Update: Oct 06

November 20th, 2006 at 05:28 am

I've update my figures in NetworthIQ for the end of September - my share investments had a good month (up $14,725 or 5.6%) and my retirement (superannuation) fund also id well (up $5,436 or 1.9%). I expect these two to trend together as my super asset mix is biased mostly towards share investments (45% AU shares, 45% Int shares, 10% Property).

My direct property investments looked bad this month - after an abnormally large increase in their "estimated values" last month, this month saw a downward adjustment back towards more realistic valuations. One of the problems using the available 6-mo median sales price data for each suburb is that the sales volumes are quite low, so a few unusual sales can skew the results up or down. Overall, my property investment was down $10,068 or -1.4% this month, which was only slightly offset by my mortgage balance decreasing by $626.

Overall, my networth increased $10,720 or 1.14% during September - an amount equivalent to the grand total I managed to save up during my university years (doing factory work every holiday)! As my Great-grandma used to say "Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves".

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