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EnoughWealth Turns One! 37,524th

July 19th, 2007 at 03:09 am

Well, the first anniversary of EnoughWealth has arrived. I enjoy blogging about personal finance, and enough people read this blog to make it seem a worthwhile hobby, so the stats are largely irrelevant. Then again, I like to see readership trending upwards, and it's interesting to see which posts are most popular and which attract the most comments. I've combined the stats for the two sites that post my blog - they are mirrors of each other but seem to draw from different readership pools. The logs show very little referral from one site to the other, so the amount of double counting in the stats is negligible.
# Posts: 474
# Visitors: 37,524
# Hits (Page views): 97,267

nb. This data doesn't include July and August 2006, and only partial data for
September 2006 as I didn't install sitemeter until late September 2006.

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