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Net Worth Up $46,415 in May

June 1st, 2007 at 02:41 am

My Networth as at 31 May totalled $1,162,544 (AUD), an impressive overall increase of $46,415 (4.16%) for the month. My leveraged stock portfolios increased by a net 4.06% last month, and the estimated valuations for my share of our home and investment property increased 3.91% compared to the previous month, showing an acceleration of the mild uptrend that began earlier this year. The property gains were slightly offset by our mortgage loan balances increasing by a net $1,082 (0.32%) due to our monthly redraw of $3,500. Although we'll continue redrawing some of our advance mortgage payments each month to help meet our mortgage repayments after DW returns to work part-time, the amount required will reduce to only $1,000 per month. The valuation of my retirement account went up only slightly during May (0.72%).

So far this year my Net Worth has gone up by $129,761, which is 92.68% of my goal for the entire year! It's a pity that this rate of increase is unsustainable. At the current exchange rate of 0.828 USD to the AUD, my Net Worth is US$962,587 - so my milestone is to pass the one million mark in US dollars. If both the AUD and Sydney property prices keep rising, I may reach this in the next month or two.

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